Artist in Residence

Watford Grammar School for Girls

2008 > 2016

After a successful workshop with the sixth form students, Sian was offered the Artist in Residence role at Watford Grammar School for Girls (WGGS). Sian’s role was one of setting an example of good art practice to all those involved in art within the school. Also helping student’s to increase their knowledge and development of skills, by mentoring, encouraging, inspiring and enabling them to produce and engage art with confidence. The school funds internal and external workshops for their partnership primary schools. Sian has conducted the following selection of internal workshop

The Artful Boot Year 12


Go Forward with Preparation: School Motto & Uniform Quilt Art Club used all aspects of the uniform including buttons, labels and zipsSchool Motto Quilt

The Magic Circle Patchwork Quilt, year 7 Art Club entry to the Festival of Quilts (winner schools section)


Monopoly Quilt year 7 Art Club

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Animal Inspired Cushion- Year 7 Course work

Elephant- Year 9 Talented and Gifted workshop

Outside/Inside- Year 13 Silk paper sculptureCovert/ Obscured – Year 12 Neckpiece

Tessellation –Year 9 Talented and Gifted, collage wall hanging

Decadence & Decay – Year 10 Eco bag project

Pop Goes the Canvas – Year 9 Andy Warhol collage

Passions & Obsessions Year 12 Boot project



Cycles & Rhythms- Year 10 Handbag project,

Handbag Project 1Handbag Project 3 Year 12


Memory Coasters- Year 8 Course work

Mini Memories Yr9

The Ordinary Made Extraordinary – Year 10 Jewellery Workshop,

Culture Luggage Tag Project- Year 8 Course work

Junk shop Collage – Year 10 Graphics project