Wedding Memory Commission

My beautiful niece Chantelle married Tom in Italy this year. How excited was I when Tom asked me to make a memory collage of their wedding as a surprise for Chantelle’s 30th birthday. These are the photos Tom wished to include

T&C street

As you can see Italy provided the perfect backdrop

T&C field

This is the finished collage. I hope that I have captured the colours of the Italian wedding.

T & C  Collage

Tom and Chantelle chose not to have traditional hymns but Madness ‘It Must Be Love’ and

Sam Cooke’s  ‘What a Wonderful World’

 T & C Collage detail 1 (2)

I printed the text and then cut it into strips to make it look like a vintage telegram

Toms Uncle Simon read an Apache Wedding Prayer

Tom’s mum Anna read a quote from the book Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

T & C Collage detail 2

I used tiny snippets of ribbon, wedding cards and vintage keys, lace to represent Chantelle ‘s dress and some dried lavender and rosemary from the table decorations

T & C  Collage detail 3

It was a truly beautiful wedding and I hope that I have captured its beauty in this collage

Wedding Memory Commission