Cake, Collage & Creativity

Family seemed to be the popular theme this weekend and it was a real family affair as a grandmother, daughter and two granddaughters were some of my students. Not only did they make a memory collage but created another family memory along the way.

Nisha Collage

Nisha made great use of frames to make her small images stand out.

Priyanka Collage

A celebration of love between mother and daughter.


 Gorgeous cake and naughty biscuits.

Jasmine Collage

Jasmine brought her frame with her so went home with a totally finished piece of work.

Rita Collage

Rita was pleased to find the unexpected picture of a cat in my stash, it reminded her of her own cat.

Niva Collage

Niva drove straight from the workshop to Hobbycraft to get her frame and found the ‘sisters’ text and glue gunned to the top of her frame.

So as you can see it was definitely a day full of creativity and collage and a tiny bit of cake to keep up our strength!

Cake, Collage & Creativity